The futuristic manifesto was taken place in Italy, written by F. T. Marinetti in 1909 on a French newspaper.

This manifesto is quite related to the technological advances and the modification of human activities, perspectives and interactions because of them. It shows a paradox between the progressive feeling brought by the noise and speed of machines and the Italian static and established traditional role of knowledge and on the art field.


This specific moment represented the new possibilities advancing to the ‘unseen and unknown’ caused by technology and the ‘safe and glorified’ past that wouldn’t represent anymore the reality as it was on ancient times (according to futurists).


Different from the Maker’s Bill of Rights, the Chindogu tentents and the Adhocism idea, in which, in different levels, were about behavioral changes based on new understandings in relation to accessible material world, the Manifesto of Futurism was also based on a behavioral change (once they promote actions), but it is was primarily and essentially caused my a mindset change about the value and the path society was taking (in which the way to deal with material world would be counted on it).


It was not how to own and practice the ownness of a object (like the others manifestos), but question how would that object promote and be part of a constant change caused by the speed perspective. Once some things pointed on the manifesto as things that hold society back are… things… (books, paintings, archaeological and historical stuff). Not that the blame are on stuff, but on how on that time the Italian perspective had its two feet on the past while the progress was passing like a fast train.


———— “Admiring an old picture is the same as pouring our sensibility into a funerary urn instead of hurtling it far off, in violent spasms of action and creation”.————

————  “Courage, audacity, and revolt will be essential elements of our poetry”.————

————  “We want to hymn the man at the wheel, who hurls the lance of his spirit across the Earth, along the circle of its orbit.”————

————  “We stand on the last promontory of the centuries!… Why should we look back, when what we want is to break down the mysterious doors of the Impossible? Time and Space died yesterday. We already live in the absolute, because we have created eternal, omnipresent speed”.————



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